Up-Gradation Of National Library Of Pakistan Islamabad

Brief of the  Project:The National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad was established in 1988 and most of the facilities provided in it in 1992. The equipment, reading facilities, reading environment in this situation has become uncongenial but unhygienic also. The major objective of this project to up-grade and improve the facilities and services in the Library.    

Scope of the Project:
Under this Project following items will be undertaken:

  • Establishment of Children Corner
  • Dedicated reading facilities for women
  • Facilities for persons with disability
  • Establishment of WIFI
  • Establishment of Digital Reading area.

Sponsoring Agency : National History and Literary Heritage Division, Islamabad.  

Executing Agency :National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad. 

Approved Cost / Approval date: Approved by the DDWP on 28-12-2017  at a  cost of Rs.57.089 million